The International Isotope Society UK Group 29th Annual Symposium is a one day event covering the synthesis and applications of isotopically labelled compounds to be held on Friday, 17th November 2023 at The Møller Institute in Cambridge, UK.

Highlights of the meeting will include talks from Professor Matthew Fuchter (Imperial College London) and Professor Steve Archibald (Kings College, UK).

Other topics will include organic synthesis, photoredox chemistry, carbon/hydrogen isotope exchange, stable isotope chemistry, PET imaging and environmental radiochemistry among other topics. A complete list of speakers is given below and presentation titles will be added as they become available:


Professor Matthew Fuchter (Imperial College London, UK)
"From heteroaromatic photoswitches to photopharmacology."

Professor Steve Archibald (Kings College London, UK)
"The journey from new technologies for radiolabelling to multi-isotope nuclear imaging."

Dr David Audisio (CEA, France)
"Recent Developments in Carbon Isotope Labeling."

Dr Alex Cresswell (University of Bath, UK)
"Lighting the way to new disconnections for amines and azacycles."

Dr Louise Natrajan (University of Manchester, UK)
"Optical detection of uranium in model environmental conditions."

Dr Kirstin Sander (University College London, UK)
"Sulfonium salt chemistry as platform to label biologically active compounds with fluorine-18."

Dr Roly Armstrong (Newcastle University, UK)
"Twists and turns: new directions and stereoselective synthesis."

Dr Natalia Larionova (GlaxoSmithKline, UK)
"Aromatic methylation as an efficient method for late-stage isotopic labelling."

Mr Nick Summerhill (Pharmaron, UK)
"A robust synthesis of carbon-14 labelled 2-chlorophenyl cyclopentyl ketone enroute to ketamine."

Dr Rafael Bou Moreno (Eurofins Selcia, UK)
"Radiosynthesis of [thiazolecarbonyl-14C]DAY101."

Ms Kim Saskia Mühlfenzl (AstraZeneca, UK)
"Radiolabeling of aryl alkyl ketones via a nickel-catalysed carbonylative cross-coupling."

Poster Session

There will also be an opportunity to present posters at the meeting and we will also be offering a prize for the best poster by a post-graduate — please contact [javascript protected email address] if you would like to present a poster.


We are delighted to be returning to The Møller Institute again this year. The venue is approximately one mile from Junction 13 on the M11 motorway and a short taxi ride from Cambridge railway station with its frequent express services to Liverpool Street station and Stansted Airport. The meeting will be timed to allow most UK based people to travel to and from the symposium on the same day although accommodation is available at The Møller Centre for those travelling from afar.


The closing date for registration is Friday, 10th November 2023.

We hope you will be able to attend and help make this meeting of the IIS UK Group as successful as in previous years. A buffet lunch will be provided for all delegates.

Please register using the online registration form which also contains details on how to send your remittance and confirm your place.